What Does George Soros' Open Society Foundations Network Fund?

Photo Courtesy: OLIVIER HOSLET/AFP/Getty Images

George Soros is not your typical billionaire. He didn't come from opportunity, nor was he wealthy from the outset of his career. In fact, the marginalization that he faced in his early life is part of the reason he’s become so well-known for his philanthropic efforts in the modern day. That background informed his perspective and shaped his proclivity for social justice.

Throughout his self-built career, Soros has donated billions to charity efforts through the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a network of international grantmaking opportunities that aims to support persecuted groups across the globe. But many people don't know how Soros built his fortune and what drives his need to give. His name may not be as well-known as Jeff Bezos’ or Bill Gates’ — although it’s often cited in various (and patently untrue) political conspiracy theories — and it may be time to correct that record by taking a look at where Soros invests.